Ch 11: Operation FOS

13 07 2009

“Mom?” Angelina called as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. There was no one home. It was a Saturday morning, and Angelina had slept in.

Anna had woken up earlier to accompany Isabella to the doctors for a check up. Isabella had grown older and senile. She was getting extremely forgetful. At times, she couldn’t even remember who Anna or Angelina were. Many doctors had advised them to look into putting Isabella in a nursing home, but they had always refused. They could never bring themselves to put their mother, who had given so much to raise them, in a nursing home. A place where she’d be without the love and care from her family.

Angelina staggered into the living room, and stretched before continuing to sort the laundry that she had not finished putting away the night before. She had intended to finish, but her best friend Anita had come over and the laundry completely slipped her mind.

She met Anita in college before she had gone to law school. Anita was a Journalism major and was now doing an internship as a papergirl. Anita was Angelina’s first friend. Throughout her life, her best friend had always been Anna. Anita Lobos, and Angelina clicked right away. They had so much in common. They were both anti-social by choice and among other things, they were both cynical when it came to men.  Anita had her heartbroken, and now she had avoided men all together. She did not want to get hurt again.

It was comforting for Angelina to have someone around who was on the same pages as she was. There were things that Anna just couldn’t understand. Anna had never had her heartbroken. In fact, she still didn’t have a boyfriend. She was too busy with medical school, and with her chess tournaments to even think about men. Although, Anna had been seeing Travis McDermott quite often. It wasn’t anything romantic. He was just someone who she played Chess with often. Travis was one of the people she had beat in one of the chess tournaments to move up a rank. She ran into him again in school. Screenshot-239

Angelina took the laundry basket and used her hips for support. She waddled over to Isabella’s room, and continued to fold Isabella’s clothe neatly.  She placed them carefully into her dresser. She grabbed the laundry basket and was turning to exit the room when a small unsealed envelop under the lamp had caught her eye.


She wondered why the envelope was there out of all places. She thought Isabella might have misplaced the bills again. She set the laundry basket down on floor and examined the small envelope. It had no address on the front. She continued to pull the letter out, and took a quick glance.

Angelina’s eyes widened and she held her breathe. The top line of the letter within read “I, Isabella Castellano, a resident of Riverblossom Hills, Riverview, being of sound and disposing mind and memory…”

She had accidentally found the will. She wanted to put it away, but curiosity got the best of her. Her eyes skimmed quickly through the reminder of the testament.

“I will, give, and bequeath unto the person named below, if he or she survives me, my estate, and the remainder of my possessions:

Angelina Castellano”, she read. Angelina was flabbergasted.

I’m the heiress. Anna would’ve clearly been the best suited to be heir.. Why me?

She was overcome with shock, and amazement.

Angelina heard the sound of front door being unlocked, and she frantically shoved the letter back where it had been, and scurried out of the room.

Angelina locker herself in her room, and flipped open her cell phone to call Anita.


“Hey, girly! What’s up?” Anita said happily picking up the phone.

“Anita, I’m the heiress.” Angelina whispered into the phone being careful so that no one would overhear her.

“Oh my gawsh! That’s wonderful, babe!” Anita responding sounding overly excited.

“No, No it’s not. I-I would never be a good heiress. I would’ve never thought that I would’ve been the one that mom was going to pick!”

“Why are you so worried? You’ll do great, Ange.”

“I’m worried because i’ll have to find a husband! You know how i am when it comes to men.. I’m scared. What if i never find a suitable husband, and i won’t ever be able to fulfill my mother’s wish.” Angelina rambled as she paced back and forth in her room.


“Alright. Ange, I’m going to need you to relax. Okay? Take a deep breathe.”

Angelina took a deep breathe, and Anita continued. “Alright. Now, remember, the Will only goes into effect after your mother passes away.  Your mother is still alive and well. Second, You are still young. You’ve got lots of time to date and test the waters. Ooh! You know what? We can even make it like a project. We both need to get out of this man-hating state  of mind, and find someone. We can do this together! WE CAN CALL IT OPERATION F.O.S! Find our soulmates!”

“FOS?” Angelina asked raising a brow.

“Just roll with it. What do you say? We can totally scope out some guys in town, and like have a line-up.. Like they do or criminals only its for potential dates! Oh my gosh! This will be fun. I can like sneak around and dig up dirt on guys. Come on, we were young back then. It’s time we get over the past, PLUS older guys must be more mature!” Anita rambled.

“Uh, I guess you never got to meet Hal”, Angelina replied and rolled her eyes.

“True, but that was then. This is now. Anyway, come sleep over my house later! We can start our operation F.O.S. This is going to be so much fun!”

“Sure…” Angelina agreed half-heartedly. She wasn’t ready to start dating, but she knew she’d have to work to get over it.

“Fabulous! I’ll see you later. Love ya, bye!” Anita chirped and hung up the phone.


Sorry for the short chapter! I don’t really have time to write much this week. I have family visiting from out of the country, and it’s hard to write with so many people around. I’ll keep you guys posted on Twitter about future chapter releases. It won’t take long though.

I’m so surprised that Angelina won. I thought most people liked Angelina the most. At one point the results tied. 8 to 8, but overnight. Angelina took the lead by one point.

I’m happy though. I think that Angelina is the prettier one, and she’s got more issues going on. It will be fun to write about in the future.




7 responses

13 07 2009

I think Angelina will totally be fun to watch as she struggles through her issues to find the right mate!

13 07 2009

I think so too! I’ve got tons of ideas for her.

13 07 2009

boo…i wanted anna…lol

14 07 2009

*sigh* I wanted Anna to be the heiress, but didn’t get a chance to vote. 😦 I’m not all that fond of Angelina, to be honest.

Also, does Anita Lobos irritate the hell out of anyone else? Maybe it’s because she reminds me of someone I met last year in university, heh heh.

Anyway, great chapter! I was wondering about who the heiress would be for a while now.

P. S: Did you Photoshop the screenshot with the envelope on the dresser?

17 07 2009

Yeah, lol.

14 07 2009

Noo Anna! Well, I hope Angelina does a good job anyway ;-;

Just wondering, do you have some sort of camera mod installed in your game? It sort of looks like it, but I’m not sure …

15 07 2009

I’m happy to see Angelina get the heirship. And I loved how you began her reign. Operation FOS will be interesting to watch/read.

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