LusterShine LipMask

15 07 2009

LustershineWhat is LusterShine Lip Mask?

It’s an extremely versatile custom non-replacement face mask that I’ve modified to be used as lipstick / lipgloss. Fully color-able, and it is capable of creating many looks. All of the lipsticks in the image on the above was created with the LusterShine Lip Mask.

Where do i find it?

Once you’ve downloaded and installed, the LSLipmask_Miniie071509.package file into your Mods/Packages directory. It will be in the makeup section in your game under COSTUME MAKEUP. It has it’s own image.

What is so cool about it?

It’s extremely versatile. Firstly, let me explain how the colors work.

Color 1 – Is the highlight

Color 2 – 3 – Lip colors.

If you want Lip gloss , keep the Color 1 closest to white, or you can make a soft lip gloss and make it a BRIGHT color, and change Colors 2 and 3 to match. To add more shine, or texture. You can wear the EA default lipstick  under it. Depending on which EA lipstick you use the effect will be diffrent. The color of the EA lipstick will shine through, and you can  use it to blend with all the other colors to make unique custom shades!


It also retains the shine in-game!


As always please:

(This will also be available at MT2)

  • Do not upload this to any other websites, especially not the exchange.
  • Do not re-edit/ re-use my textures without my permission.
  • Please give credit with a link when using my work.
  • Ask me first before modifying/using.
  • For Installation instructions :

Download here




One response

17 07 2009

Very nice! I’ll have to try that out. I’ve been waiting for some good makeup mods.


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