Ch 12: Commence Operation F.O.S

18 07 2009

(It’s not all picture-less, I promise.)

“Night, guys. I’m sleeping over Anita’s tonight.” Angelina announced quickly before darting out the front door and into the cab that had been honking impatiently. Anna turned her head just in time to catch a glimpse of Angelina pass by, and waved.

Anna looked out the big windows of their living room and admired the clear blue sky.  The small rays of sun light that filtered through the blinds seem to illuminate the room.

“Mom, Do you want to go to the library? I want to go to the Gazebo, and play some chess – I don’t want to leave you home alone.” She said as she stroked her mother’s old wrinkled hands, and smiled warmly. “It’s nice and sunny out this afternoon. You could use some fresh air.”

Isabella threw her hands up, and mumbled “Nulla è nuovo sotto il sole!” (There’s nothing new under the sun!)

“Go ahead. I’ll be fine. I just want some rest.” She continued, and placed her shaky hand on her cane, and another on the arm rest of the couch to push herself up.

“Ma! I’ve told you not to strain yourself!” Anna exclaimed with a frown, and quickly held Isabella’s arm and steadied her to her feet.

“You are 94, Ma. Take it easy!” She said  guiding Isabella slowly, and carefully down the hall to her room.

“You girls always treat me like a baby!” Isabella complained as Anna helped her into bed.

“Mom, I’ll be back in half an hour. I just want to play a quick game of chess, Okay? I wont be long. If you need me just call my cell phone. I’m going to put the phone on your end table so that you can reach it easily.” Anna explained as she pulled the blankets over her mother, and opened the nearby window to let in some fresh air.

“Just promise me you won’t go trying to get up with out me? I’ll be back soon, Okay?”

“Yes, yes, Andrea. Let me sleep.” Isabella grumbled with her eyes closed gesturing for her to go away.

“It’s Anna, Mom.” She corrected her, and placed a kiss on her forehead before she left.

The town was bustling with people enjoying the nice spring day.  The children were running in the park playing catch, there were people out fishing, and having picnics with their families.It was not surprising to see that the Gazebo was particularly empty on a day like this.


Anna waved at Travis who had just finished up with a match of chess against himself, and was sitting back enjoying the cool breeze, and the smell of the flowers that lined the Gazebo.

“Hey, I didn’t think I’d see you here.” Anna said smiling and taking a seat across from Travis on the chess table.

“It’s a nice day out. I didn’t want to spend it cooped up in my house. I think I would’ve gone stir crazy if I had stayed there any longer.” He replied, and began setting up the pieces on the chess board. He smiled and gestured for Anna to play first.

“Same here. I’ve been studying so hard for a Hyperthrophic Cardiomyopathy exam that I have on Monday, and I just needed some time alone.” She said, before she moved her pawn up two spaces.

“I can imagine.” He grinned, and moved his pawn to block off Anna’s, requiring it to either attack or move out of the way.

“What is that supposed to mean?” She said beginning to get a bit upset, and swept her queen diagonally over the board without even taking a moment to think.

He probably thinks I’m just a nerdy girl  who does all her school work – Just like everyone else. She thought.

Travis brought his hands up to his chin, and thought carefully before he moved his pawn down to defend against Anna’s Queen.


“Nothing. It’s just you are such a good girl. You do all your homework, play chess, you are always donating to charities. I barely see you out around town. Plus, you work extra hard at the hospital. Not that it’s a bad thing…” he explained.

Anna frowned. She hated to be labeled. She crossed her arms and sat back to glare at Travis who was smiling brightly at her; He was completely oblivious to the fact that she was annoyed with him.

“Well, you know what? I might be a “good girl”, but I’m a Bad ass at chess. Check – Mate” She said with an attitude as she picked up her queen and slammed it down on the right corner of the board before storming off.

Travis looked over the chess board wide-eyed and shocked. Did she really just beat me in 3 moves?! It took him a moment to snap out of it, by that time Anna was already half way down the block.

“Anna, wait!” He called out chasing after her. “Wait!” he yelled, but she continued to walk away faster.

“I didn’t mean to offend you.” He said between breaths and pulling her arm to try to stop her from leaving. Anna pulled her arm forcefully from his grasp. “Don’t touch me.” She snapped and spun around and continued walking quickly down the street. Her fists were clenched tightly. She was furious.

They are all the same. Everyone. Always assuming. I hate that. Why can’t i just be Anna?

“Anna, It’s not like i was trying to offend you. I actually LIKE that you are the way you are. It’s different. It’s cute..” He confessed grabbing her arms and stopping her once more still struggling to catch his breath.

Anna stood quietly and felt herself beginning to blush.

“I was wondering if you’d like to go to the movies with me tomorrow night? You don’t have to if you don’t want to. I’d understand if you had other things to do, Or if you aren’t really into older guys..” He said laughing nervously and slicking his hair back.

“I-I’d love to.”  Anna stuttered.


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11 responses

18 07 2009

Oh. My. God… I practically fell out of my chair! Heh, and about halfway through I was thinking how much I liked Anita and wished she’d stay in the legacy forever and marry Angelina- no joke! And lo and behold, it actually did happen! You just completely made my day!

18 07 2009

LMAO. No way! I really tried to find her a boyfriend, but she had a want that said “Ask Anita if Single”, and well. The rest was history. Having children is going to be the new issue LOL.

18 07 2009

Looks like you’re going to have to er….look for some “donors”. 🙂

18 07 2009

Oh crap!! So Anna’s married? Lol I didn’t expect tht at all Lol, & so all this frustration Angie was having with men leads her to be a les.. Yea I can see that happening haha…she can always adopt 🙂 great chapter!!!

18 07 2009

Travis and Anna met through a chess match, and later on he switched his career to Medicine. So, since they were co-workers, it wasn’t long until she was comfortable enough with him. She also wanted to kiss him, so i was like eh, what the heck?lol

18 07 2009


I’m just wondering how she’s going to reproduce now. I’m not sure if the same-sex pregnancy mod is allowed and adoptions don’t count because they’re not part of the bloodline.

Will you have Angelina “cheat on” Anita with a guy and pretend that they had both agreed to a sperm donor?

P. S: Is Angelina over-emotional? Killing herself because she can’t find a guy seems a bit dramatic to me… but maybe it’s just because I’m not much of a fan of Angelina. Anna reminds me much more of me, haha.

18 07 2009

I’m not sure how I’m going to go about reproducing, yet. After Anita moved in she turned into an elder almost immediately. What the heck? I thought she was Angelina’s age. Oh well.

Angelina isn’t over-emotional. She was just overwhelmed by the whole “Heiress”title. It is really hard for her because she always compares all the men she meets to Hal and Antoine. It doesn’t help that when she did show interest for someone, they turned out to be Married.

She also felt Jealousy towards Anna; She did not like the fact that Anna was able to find her soulmate effortlessly. It just all goes back to her childhood. She had never really felt as if she had “worth”, since her father so easily tossed her aside, and how Antoine just wanted to use her as a bet. I feel bad for her. I wish i could figure out a way to snap her out of it.

18 07 2009

Omg! Amazing twist!
Loving your legacy so far can’t wait for the next chapter
It will be interesting to see if this changes Bella’s mind about who will be heir now 🙂
Great work keep it up!

18 07 2009

Wow, that was so not what I was expecting. I like the twist of Anita and Angelina. And, if your comment is true that Anita is an elder, I think it makes sense for Angelina to find…doners. The trick is to get them to donate without getting committed.

19 07 2009

Nice twist Mari!! I am so glad Angelina found love. It makes sense for her character too with all the resentment toward Hal and being so emotionally abused by Antoine. As for the problem with children, yeah, females don’t have to move the mate into the legacy house, so just get her pregnant off the lot and for your story sake use the “donor” angle. Great story!!
cshaner (Cat)

19 07 2009

Ahhh I love lesbian Sims!!
Are you going to try to keep things “realistic” or are you gonna pop in the same-sex-parents mod? I’m so curious, I loooovveee where your story is going, hehe.

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