19 08 2009

I took a pretty long break. I’ve just had so much to do. I had to get a bunch of stuff ready for when i got back to school in September, and getting all of my doctors appointments out of the way. I havent touched the sims 3 in a while, but i hope that i can upload the next chapter soon. I already have it written out. I just have to transfer the pictures from my desktop PC (No-internet) to my Laptop. I also stopped writing because my wrist and back of my hand starts to hurt after while of typing.

Check back, or subscribe so that you will be alerted when i update.

I must warn you though, this chapter will be a bit long and progress rather quickly.. Mostly because sims pregnancies are so short, and i had to kind of work it in to the story.





5 responses

19 08 2009

Oh! Good luck with school. I can’t wait for the update. 🙂

31 08 2009



*happy dance*

I’m going to my legacy links page right away to take off the [STALE] tag on your legacy. I’m so happy you started updating again!

3 09 2009

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I guess not. My screen is messed up >:|

5 09 2009

Oh no! Can you get it replaced? I guess you’d need to for school, wouldn’t you? (I think you mentioned you were in school once… but I may have been mistaken).

6 09 2009

i’m so excited your back I love your legacy

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