3 09 2009

(I didn’t realize my text was some how erased?)

I finished writing the chapter, and then i went to go get the screenshots from my desktop. It has no internet so i have to transfer it from there to my laptop. It’s annoying. I was about to transfer the¬†pictures, and then my screen decided to stop working! I kept fiddling with it, but it just wouldn’t turn on! My game is on that desktop. I don’t know what to do!



19 08 2009

I took a pretty long break. I’ve just had so much to do. I had to get a bunch of stuff ready for when i got back to school in September, and getting all of my doctors appointments out of the way. I havent touched the sims 3 in a while, but i hope that i can upload the next chapter soon. I already have it written out. I just have to transfer the pictures from my desktop PC (No-internet) to my Laptop. I also stopped writing because my wrist and back of my hand starts to hurt after while of typing.

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I must warn you though, this chapter will be a bit long and progress rather quickly.. Mostly because sims pregnancies are so short, and i had to kind of work it in to the story.