Ch 13: Overcoming the Bitterness

19 07 2009

I laid in bed tossing and turning. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t silence the thoughts of what had happened. I couldn’t believe that I had almost killed myself, and that i had kissed Anita.

I felt a mixture of emotions. At that moment, when Anita was standing before me, and her lips touched mine, I felt my whole body start to shiver. It felt as if I had floated off the ground.

I’m not a lesbian. I’m not attracted to women. I have never looked at Anita and desired her, or any woman. I’ve gone through it many times in my head. Yet, when i list the qualities of what i want in a mate, Anita fits the description perfectly. I heard the phone vibrating softly under my blankets, and when i looked at the screen, Anita’s number blinked.

I considered ignoring the call. I hesitated before I finally answered.

“Angie! Good morning!” She squealed cheerfully through the phone. I smiled, and ran my fingers through my hair. I didn’t know what to say. I had so many things on my mind, but i just didn’t know how to get them out.

“I need to talk to you..” I told her, but i was really unsure of what i wanted to talk about. I just knew that i had to talk to her, and find out what was going to happen between us. Were we going to take this further, or just forget that it had ever happened? She invited me over so that we could talk privately.

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Ch 12: Commence Operation F.O.S

18 07 2009

(It’s not all picture-less, I promise.)

“Night, guys. I’m sleeping over Anita’s tonight.” Angelina announced quickly before darting out the front door and into the cab that had been honking impatiently. Anna turned her head just in time to catch a glimpse of Angelina pass by, and waved.

Anna looked out the big windows of their living room and admired the clear blue sky.  The small rays of sun light that filtered through the blinds seem to illuminate the room.

“Mom, Do you want to go to the library? I want to go to the Gazebo, and play some chess – I don’t want to leave you home alone.” She said as she stroked her mother’s old wrinkled hands, and smiled warmly. “It’s nice and sunny out this afternoon. You could use some fresh air.”

Isabella threw her hands up, and mumbled “Nulla è nuovo sotto il sole!” (There’s nothing new under the sun!)

“Go ahead. I’ll be fine. I just want some rest.” She continued, and placed her shaky hand on her cane, and another on the arm rest of the couch to push herself up.

“Ma! I’ve told you not to strain yourself!” Anna exclaimed with a frown, and quickly held Isabella’s arm and steadied her to her feet.

“You are 94, Ma. Take it easy!” She said  guiding Isabella slowly, and carefully down the hall to her room.

“You girls always treat me like a baby!” Isabella complained as Anna helped her into bed.

“Mom, I’ll be back in half an hour. I just want to play a quick game of chess, Okay? I wont be long. If you need me just call my cell phone. I’m going to put the phone on your end table so that you can reach it easily.” Anna explained as she pulled the blankets over her mother, and opened the nearby window to let in some fresh air.

“Just promise me you won’t go trying to get up with out me? I’ll be back soon, Okay?”

“Yes, yes, Andrea. Let me sleep.” Isabella grumbled with her eyes closed gesturing for her to go away.

“It’s Anna, Mom.” She corrected her, and placed a kiss on her forehead before she left.

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Ch 11: Operation FOS

13 07 2009

“Mom?” Angelina called as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. There was no one home. It was a Saturday morning, and Angelina had slept in.

Anna had woken up earlier to accompany Isabella to the doctors for a check up. Isabella had grown older and senile. She was getting extremely forgetful. At times, she couldn’t even remember who Anna or Angelina were. Many doctors had advised them to look into putting Isabella in a nursing home, but they had always refused. They could never bring themselves to put their mother, who had given so much to raise them, in a nursing home. A place where she’d be without the love and care from her family.

Angelina staggered into the living room, and stretched before continuing to sort the laundry that she had not finished putting away the night before. She had intended to finish, but her best friend Anita had come over and the laundry completely slipped her mind.

She met Anita in college before she had gone to law school. Anita was a Journalism major and was now doing an internship as a papergirl. Anita was Angelina’s first friend. Throughout her life, her best friend had always been Anna. Anita Lobos, and Angelina clicked right away. They had so much in common. They were both anti-social by choice and among other things, they were both cynical when it came to men.  Anita had her heartbroken, and now she had avoided men all together. She did not want to get hurt again.

It was comforting for Angelina to have someone around who was on the same pages as she was. There were things that Anna just couldn’t understand. Anna had never had her heartbroken. In fact, she still didn’t have a boyfriend. She was too busy with medical school, and with her chess tournaments to even think about men. Although, Anna had been seeing Travis McDermott quite often. It wasn’t anything romantic. He was just someone who she played Chess with often. Travis was one of the people she had beat in one of the chess tournaments to move up a rank. She ran into him again in school. Screenshot-239

Angelina took the laundry basket and used her hips for support. She waddled over to Isabella’s room, and continued to fold Isabella’s clothe neatly.  She placed them carefully into her dresser. She grabbed the laundry basket and was turning to exit the room when a small unsealed envelop under the lamp had caught her eye.


She wondered why the envelope was there out of all places. She thought Isabella might have misplaced the bills again. She set the laundry basket down on floor and examined the small envelope. It had no address on the front. She continued to pull the letter out, and took a quick glance.

Angelina’s eyes widened and she held her breathe. The top line of the letter within read “I, Isabella Castellano, a resident of Riverblossom Hills, Riverview, being of sound and disposing mind and memory…”

She had accidentally found the will. She wanted to put it away, but curiosity got the best of her. Her eyes skimmed quickly through the reminder of the testament.

“I will, give, and bequeath unto the person named below, if he or she survives me, my estate, and the remainder of my possessions:

Angelina Castellano”, she read. Angelina was flabbergasted.

I’m the heiress. Anna would’ve clearly been the best suited to be heir.. Why me?

She was overcome with shock, and amazement.

Angelina heard the sound of front door being unlocked, and she frantically shoved the letter back where it had been, and scurried out of the room.

Angelina locker herself in her room, and flipped open her cell phone to call Anita.


“Hey, girly! What’s up?” Anita said happily picking up the phone.

“Anita, I’m the heiress.” Angelina whispered into the phone being careful so that no one would overhear her.

“Oh my gawsh! That’s wonderful, babe!” Anita responding sounding overly excited.

“No, No it’s not. I-I would never be a good heiress. I would’ve never thought that I would’ve been the one that mom was going to pick!”

“Why are you so worried? You’ll do great, Ange.”

“I’m worried because i’ll have to find a husband! You know how i am when it comes to men.. I’m scared. What if i never find a suitable husband, and i won’t ever be able to fulfill my mother’s wish.” Angelina rambled as she paced back and forth in her room.


“Alright. Ange, I’m going to need you to relax. Okay? Take a deep breathe.”

Angelina took a deep breathe, and Anita continued. “Alright. Now, remember, the Will only goes into effect after your mother passes away.  Your mother is still alive and well. Second, You are still young. You’ve got lots of time to date and test the waters. Ooh! You know what? We can even make it like a project. We both need to get out of this man-hating state  of mind, and find someone. We can do this together! WE CAN CALL IT OPERATION F.O.S! Find our soulmates!”

“FOS?” Angelina asked raising a brow.

“Just roll with it. What do you say? We can totally scope out some guys in town, and like have a line-up.. Like they do or criminals only its for potential dates! Oh my gosh! This will be fun. I can like sneak around and dig up dirt on guys. Come on, we were young back then. It’s time we get over the past, PLUS older guys must be more mature!” Anita rambled.

“Uh, I guess you never got to meet Hal”, Angelina replied and rolled her eyes.

“True, but that was then. This is now. Anyway, come sleep over my house later! We can start our operation F.O.S. This is going to be so much fun!”

“Sure…” Angelina agreed half-heartedly. She wasn’t ready to start dating, but she knew she’d have to work to get over it.

“Fabulous! I’ll see you later. Love ya, bye!” Anita chirped and hung up the phone.


Sorry for the short chapter! I don’t really have time to write much this week. I have family visiting from out of the country, and it’s hard to write with so many people around. I’ll keep you guys posted on Twitter about future chapter releases. It won’t take long though.

I’m so surprised that Angelina won. I thought most people liked Angelina the most. At one point the results tied. 8 to 8, but overnight. Angelina took the lead by one point.

I’m happy though. I think that Angelina is the prettier one, and she’s got more issues going on. It will be fun to write about in the future.

Ch 10.1 -The Talk

10 07 2009

It was a clear afternoon. The sun beamed cheerfully in the sky, as Anna sat on the bench in the patio under the cool shade of the tree; Her head was buried in a book. Angelina painted happily nearby.

“Time sure has gone by..” Isabella said as she staggered over with her cane, and sat by Anna.

She looked up to the sky, and continued “It was just yesterday that i was just a young signorina (girl) in italy. I lived with my Nonna, and we worked hard for everything we had. It was a luxury to have books.” She said with her shaky voice, and smiled warmly as pulled the book away from Anna’s face slowly. “You know, you remind me alot of me, mio tesoro. (My Darling) I too, was fascinated by books.”


She glanced over at Angelina, and beckoned for her to get closer.

“Angelina, can you come have a seat? I need to have a talk with you both”, she said as she pressed her cane down, and slowly raised herself from the bench. She struggled for a second, but Angelina came to help her. She was elderly, and had a hard time moving about. Anna put her book down and set it on the nearby coffee table, and looked up at her mother attentively.

“What’s wrong, Mama?” Anna asked.

“Well, I’m not getting any younger, and soon the angels will come and take me from this earth.” She began.

“Ma – don’t talk like that.” Angelina interjected. She always got upset when Isabella mentioned death.

“per favore, tesoro..(Please, darling) Let your old mama speak” Isabella replied with a slight frown. Anna nodded for Isabella to go on.


“I spent my life working hard to provide for you. I’ve spent every last penny i had to build this house, and this family. When i’m gone.. I want one of you to take over. I will leave everything i own to one of you. I haven’t decided yet, but i have already started to write my will.” She stopped for a moment, and wiped a small tear that was running down her wrinkled cheek.

“I want one of you to continue my legacy, and continue my dream. Please, do not abandon this house.” She said and paused for a moment to try and fight back her tears.

“When i’m gone.. This will be the only thing that’s left of me. So that when i’m in heaven i can look down upon my family and know that all my pain, and struggles – that all of my tears were not in vain.” She whimpered, and started staggering towards the door. She did not want the twins to see her cry.

As she held her hand out to open the door, Angelina wrapped her arms around her. Angelina cried into her shoulder.

Anna stood up and starred out to the sky, and in a low voice said, “It’s okay, Ma. We will do the best we can.”


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Ch 10: You’ve gotta lose it sometime.

9 07 2009

“Kesha! I told you to wait in the car!” Susie yelled as she pulled her small blonde daughter by the hair and pushed her out of the front door.


Kesha rubbed her head to ease the pain from where her hair had been pulled. She wandered slowly, kicking the gravel on the ground as she walked over to the car in the driveway. She stopped momentarily to look up the colors of the sky. The sun was setting and the sky was blue violet with stripes of orange. Violet was her favorite color.


“You don’t listen do you!” Susie screamed as she grasped Kesha tightly by her small shoulders, her nails digging into Kesha’s skin. Susie dragged Kesha into the passenger side of  the car, and slammed the door shut. Kesha whimpered quietly, and peered out the window. She had learned early on not to ever complain or try to fight back. That would only end up making things worse.  She rubbed her shoulder, and bit her lip making sure not to make a peep.

Everyday was hell for Kesha. Susie abused her physically and mentally. She would get beaten for the most insignificant things. She was never good enough for the mother. She was called so many names.  Kesha was always alone.  She knew that she had Half-sisters and she wanted to meet them. However, Kesha was not allowed to ask about them or their whereabouts.  She didn’t know much about them, except that they were twins, and they lived on the other side of town.

Kesha looked out the window of the car as Susie sped down the streets.”Mommy, where are we going?” She asked wiping the tears from her eyes.


“My friend that works at the hospital told me that she saw your father being wheeled into the intensive care unit.” Susie said glancing over at Kesha.

“Is Dad ok?” She asked.

“If he was he wouldn’t be in the Intensive care unit! God, why do you have to be so stupid!” Susie snapped.

Kesha frowned and continued to look out the window.  Susie pulled into the parking lot of the Hospital, and ran towards the entrance. Kesha trailed slowly behind.

One day, I’m going to far, far away.. where mommy won’t hurt me anymore..  Somewhere far where Mommy wont ever find me..  I’ll find my sisters, and maybe they’ll want me around. Kesha thought.


Little did she know, that her sisters were closer than she had thought.

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Ch 9. I’ll be seeing you.

5 07 2009

<Sorry for the lack of screen shots. This was all in my head.>

Anna woke the next morning. She winced as she opened her eyes. The sun had been beaming brightly from her bare window and illuminating her face. Two small blue birds sat on her window sill chirping loudly. Anna glared at the birds in discontent as she brought her hands up to her face and massaged her temples.  There was a throbbing pain in her head that she tried to soothe. It felt as though her head was being clasped tightly, similar to a nutcracker smashing a walnut. It took her a few moments to notice the stench of vomit that had  been invading her room from her half-opened bathroom door.

She could only recall snippets of what had happened the night before. The last thing she remembered was getting up to go get some fresh air by the window, and Pablo trying to forcibly kiss her. She shuddered at the thought of Pablo running his hands down her shoulders. She has never been touched in such a way, and she didn’t particularly enjoy it. She tried intensely to remember what happened afterwards, but only accomplished to induce the pain in her throbbing head.

How did i get home? She began to wonder, finally looking around and recognizing her sea foam colored walls, and the pink flowered sheets on her bed She felt a sudden wave of nausea come over her, and she dashed into her bathroom that was only a few feet away. The foul stench of vomit had been emerging from the toilet. It was strong and it made her want to vomit even more. The bitter taste of vomit filled her mouth, and she held on to the sides of the toilet. Her head pulsated with every heave she took.

Anna felt a small hand rub her back, and hold her hair up as she continue to vomit into the toilet.

“Anna what the heck did you get yourself into last night?” Angelina asked, her face had been knotted into a frown. “I found you passed out on the lawn. You were going on about some, Myles guy, and how he had to find your ID to find our address because you had passed out in the backseat of the cab.”Angelina said with a look of disappointment on her face.

Anna felt yet another wave of nausea rippling through her body. This was not what she had expected drinking to feel like. “Myles?” She thought, lost in her confusion.

“Oh, Myles” She said.  She could remember Myles now, he had helped her into the cab,and he had also helped her with Pablo. She also remembered passing out shortly after.

“You know, I’m actually upset, Anna.” Angelina said with a sigh. She opened the faucet, and let the cold water wet her hands. She  continued to pass her hands over Anna’s reddened face.

“I stayed up all night sitting beside you while you puked your brains out. You are supposed to be the good one… If anyone should’ve been passed out in the front lawn, it should’ve been me!”

She yelled and paused as if to think, but then shook her head and continued  “It stings a little to see you like this.. It reminds me a lot of Hal, and I don’t want either of us to follow in his footsteps. What if something bad was to happen to you? Krystal isn’t the one who is going to be at your funeral. It’s all fun, and games until something bad happens. No one ever thinks that something bad would happen to them, and then it’s too late. You are smarter than this!” Angelina got up, and stormed off without a word or passing glace.

Anna felt disappointed in herself, but she felt worse for Angelina.

“I’m the good one..”She thought, and sighed.

Why am i always the good one? Why do i always have to be the geek? Why am i always the one that’s too “nerdy” to be seen with?  I have to pretend to know less than i do in class because everyone will say that i’m showing off. They’d think i’m trying to be a know it all. I’m sick of it! Anna thought to herself.

Ch 8.1 A Familiar face in a Familiar Place – Isabella

4 07 2009

I woke up bright and early, and cleaned up around the house. I haven’t had much to do after I retired from work. I spend most of my time writing books.  I’ve already written a total of 10 books. I’ve had 3 hits, and 4 best sellers. I’m finally making $5,212 from royalties alone. I’ve finally achieved my lifetime dream of becoming a Professional Author.


The girls went out to a party today. They’ve grown so fast. I’m so glad that they turned out the way they did, despite the troubles we went through. I can’t believe how far I’ve come. I was a bit stressed today, and going a bit stir-crazy from being in the house for so long. I went to the library to read a bit.

I was reading “Llama rights”, and then I saw him. Hal. My heart dropped. We were back to where we had met so many years ago when we were young. You’ve got to laugh, though. Fate has brought us together once more. In the same place, at the same time. Only now we were older.

True, what he did was wrong, but sometimes you just have to forgive. My Nonna always said that those who hold grudges and hold anger in their hearts, attract but more pain and anger. Regardless of the years that have passed by, I still, to this day am completely in love Hal.


I stood to leave, and our eyes met. Do you know that feeling when everything else around you just fades away, and you only see that other person? You feel your heart flutter, and nothing else matters but that other person? Do you know what it feels like to gaze deep into someone’s eyes and feel that it was meant to be? That’s how I feel about Hal.

Still, there is always those cases where..  certain things in life prevent you from being with the one you love. In my case, I want the girls to have a stable environment. I don’t think they’d take it well if Hal suddenly re-appeared after all these years. I secretly had told him to stay away. I didn’t want the girls to have to get involved with Susie, and Hal agreed. He was upset at the time, but he knew it was best. One day, I’ll tell the girls. One day when they are older, and will better understand my decision.

We talked alot that day, Hal and I.  I almost did not want to go home. I could’ve stayed lost in his eyes forever. One day, I believe that we will be together again – Be without worries, and no one to stop us from loving.

Sadly, that will only be once we are gone from this world.