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12 07 2009

Thanks for voting everyone! It was a close call. I’ll be announcing the heir in my next chapter. It should be up later tonight 🙂 I’ll twitter when it’s up.


It’s almost time to vote for the heir!

9 07 2009

Yep! They are now young adults, and it’s (almost) time to vote for the heir. I want you guys to make an informed decision. So, i’ve decided that I’m going to post their traits. I’m also going to be writing a bonus chapter(1st person), that let’s you all know what is going on in their heads. The vote will be attached to that chapter. It should be up either later tonight, or mid afternoon tomorrow!
Check back then!

Also, Yeah. I’m staying with this layout, but I’m still changing pages around to make it easier to navigate. If you guys have any suggestions, or comments regarding the new layout drop me a comment.
Thanks everyone. I’m having so much fun with this legacy story.

Chapter 8 poll, and a few questions to my readers

2 07 2009

I know alot of you are asking about, Hal. Hal lives across town in 1010 Dogwood. He currently lives alone, and has retired from his job as a secret agent. I originally intended that Susie was going to pretend to be pregnant just to get Hal back, but when i checked the family tree.. There was a baby! Her name was Kesha! Apparently, Hal and Susie did have a child. It seems that he isn’t to involved with Susie after everything that happened.

Besides, Hal is now an Elder, and i wouldn’t have been able to continue with the shenanigans for too long lol. It was also becoming a tad too dramatic, and i worried that the readers would get tired of the never ending Susie drama. Hal might make a reappearance in the future, but i don’t want to disclose too much of what will happen. He still calls Isabella very often. Isabella was very upset about the whole break up.  I feel bad for both, but.. hopefully things will be better in this next Generation 🙂 Maybe?

Generation 2 is here, and full of energy and angst! I havent officially chosen a heir just yet. I can’t decide. Originally i wanted to choose the first born, but I love them both so much. They have such great personalities. I thought I’d let you, the reader, decide. I’ll put up a poll to vote for the heir when the girls are YA or when Isabella is close to her end. 😦 (Which ever comes first)

I want to give you all time to get to know them better.

Now, on to the questions:

First, there are alot of you that like 1st Person, and 3rd Person. I try to mix it up to please both crowds, and i think it gives the reader a chance to get to know the character better. Which writing style would you like the next chapter to be? There are conditions depending on what style you choose:

1st Person Anna – She will talk about herself, and about the party. She will also say how she feels about the whole not having a father figure.

1st Person Angelina – She will talk about herself, and about the party. She will not really want to talk about Hal, but she will mention some things.

1st Person Isabella – She will talk about herself, and how things have been for her. She is an elder now, and will talk about what she plans to do with the rest of time she has left.

3rd Person – Will talk about what happened at the party, and afterwards. 🙂

Cast your vote here!

The poll ends tonight at 8PM EST. I will begin to write chapter 8 then.

Second, How do you think the story is going so far? Are you guys enjoying it so far or is it too dramatic? Is there anything i can do to improve my writing, and blog? Is there anything that you want to say? I love feedback!

Thanks! I look forward to your comments!


Author’s Note – Delayed!

28 06 2009

I’m sorry! I haven’t been able to update. My boyfriend got really sick the night before and i had to rush him to the ER. I haven’t really had any sleep, since i’ve been with him the whole time. He’s doing well. He’s due for surgery today to remove his gallbladder. The doctors said that if he does well they will release him the same day 🙂
I’ll start writing my next chapter once i have time to actually sit by the comp lol.
Anna, and Angelina are now Teens, and their troubled past has definitely changed them. I’m not going to tell you their traits. You’ll have to figure them out. 🙂


26 06 2009

Sorry, I’ve taken so long to post the next chapter. It’s about 4 pages long not counting the screenshots. Don’t worry, alot of your questions regarding Hal, Bella, and the other woman will be answered in this chapter. However, i cannot figure out why the “More” code wont work to seperate my posts. I’m going to switch the theme just to see if that’s the problem. 🙂

Oh. The code is <!-nextpage-> for those that are wondering! You have to add it in under the HTML tab.