3 09 2009

(I didn’t realize my text was some how erased?)

I finished writing the chapter, and then i went to go get the screenshots from my desktop. It has no internet so i have to transfer it from there to my laptop. It’s annoying. I was about to transfer the pictures, and then my screen decided to stop working! I kept fiddling with it, but it just wouldn’t turn on! My game is on that desktop. I don’t know what to do!



19 08 2009

I took a pretty long break. I’ve just had so much to do. I had to get a bunch of stuff ready for when i got back to school in September, and getting all of my doctors appointments out of the way. I havent touched the sims 3 in a while, but i hope that i can upload the next chapter soon. I already have it written out. I just have to transfer the pictures from my desktop PC (No-internet) to my Laptop. I also stopped writing because my wrist and back of my hand starts to hurt after while of typing.

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I must warn you though, this chapter will be a bit long and progress rather quickly.. Mostly because sims pregnancies are so short, and i had to kind of work it in to the story.


/!\ Updates

5 07 2009

I’ve been meaning to change things around to make it easier for everything to view, and navigate. I’m also looking to make pages load faster, and re-organize everything.

Unfortunately, WordPress.com does not have many themes to choose from. I have my own host, but it’d be a pain to move everything over, and then notify everyone that is already used to this location.
I’ve already started changing things around in the background, and if you experience any difficulties, Please let me know 🙂

EDIT: Alright, I know this isn’t the most attractive layout, but i don’t have much to choose from.. I hope you all find it easier to find things now. I really liked my old layout except it didn’t have a bar for the pages. You can see that now all the chapters are listed on top.

I hope this is easier for you all? If not i can always put it back.

I might change the layout again, but let me know what you guys think.

Welcome to the Castellano Legacy Blog

2 07 2009

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